Traveling to Italy? Learning Italian from scratch? Want to brush up your skills?

Be confident. Forget about grammar. Step up and talk to someone foreign and new.
Start speaking Italian right away with MeetItalia Travel Phrases and make the most of your Italian vacation!

MeetItalia Travel Phrases focuses on what you NEED to know – the essential phrases, how they’re used, and how they sound – in easily digestible, bite-sized lessons.

From introducing yourself to making reservations at a nice restaurant (and finding the bathrooms once you’re there), we’ve got you covered.

* Listen to native Italians (with an optional English translation) in everyday situations that you’ll encounter in your travels.
* Listen to clear explanations of when and how to use what you’ve learned.
* Get intensive pronunciation practice so you can sound just like a native!
* Test yourself with quick quizzes.
* Earn stars which help you easily keep track of your progress!
* Learn offline – you’ll always have the phrases you need at your fingertips.

Some of our most popular lessons:
Come ti chiami? What is your name?
Non capisco. I don’t understand.
Dov’è il bagno? Where is the bathroom?
Vorrei un tavolo per questa sera. I’d like to reserve a table for this evening.
Sono allergico ai gamberetti. I’m allergic to shrimp.
Il conto per favore. The check please.
Vorrei un caffè e un cornetto. I’d like an espresso and a croissant.

Comes with six free lessons.
Lessons #1 through #39 are currently available, with many more lessons to come!

The MeetItalia team has over ten years of experience in developing effective and innovative language learning products.